Fundraising Ideas

Want to attend Gathering our Voices: Indigenous Youth Leadership Training?

Each year Indigenous organizations, individuals and youth groups take on the challenge of raising enough funds to travel to GOV. What fundraising events do you have planned? Here are some ideas:


Flea Market / Arts & Crafts Fair
Craft FairHold a Flea Market or Arts & Crafts Fair in your community. Youth can make crafts and bake goods to sell at the event. Advertise and charge a fee of approximately $20-$25 a table for people to sell their goods. This is a good fundraising initiative for your group as it also provides money for community members who would like to sell their goods. Be sure to advertise the market or fair around your community for people to attend.

“Indian Bingo”
“Indian Bingo” is like a normal bingo game except that people pay for the numbers as they are called. Some numbers also have an item (which could be donated) attached to them. For example: a number could be attached to a hand-made bracelet when that number is called, all who want the bracelet pay $1 for that number. If they win the bingo game they get to keep the bracelet.

50/50 Raffle
Sell raffle tickets to people at events. At the end of the day, draw one ticket. The winner gets half the money and your youth group/council keeps the other half.

Roadside Cleaning
Launch a road-side cleaning project in an area of your town that really needs to be cleaned up. Then get sponsors to donate money to the project. People who live and work around that area may be especially willing.

Many youth groups/councils hold dances. You can charge admission to the dance and sell concession items such as: chips, soda, candies and more. Members from your group can help and you can ask adults to chaperone, work as security, help with advertising, decorating, choosing music, collecting tickets and making sure everything is running smoothly during the dance.

Holiday Events
Lots of events can be organized around holidays, for example a Halloween Monster Bash, a Christmas Party, or a Sweet Heart Valentines Dance.


Barbeque Lunches / Dinners
Members of the youth group/council can hold barbeques for community members to attend. This can be hosted outside a local business supporting your fundraising efforts, during a community event or at a Pow Wow.

Donated Items Garage Sale/ Auction / Raffles
Have people donate used items to your youth group/ council. Post a sign on your youth centre or in the community bulletin asking people to donate used items that can be sold at a garage sale. These items can also be auctioned off, with people bidding higher and higher to get what they want. Another variation is to have a loonietoonie sale, where you have many items that are sold for $1 or $2.

Special Event
Youth could organize an event based on a popular youth TV program. For example: host a version of an Idol show with community talent who enter the event. You can charge a minimal entrance fee and have prizes for the person or group who wins the community show.

Formal Dinner
Invite community business executives, council, mayor, etc. to a formal banquet dinner and charge $50 a person. At the dinner you can showcase youth initiatives, hold a silent auction and/or have some entertainment. Ask local businesses to donate auction items such as: carvings, jewelry, paintings.

Christmas Wrapping
Get a table in a local shopping centre around Christmas time. Offer a wrapping service to the shoppers at $5 to $10, depending on the size of the present being wrapped. This works especially well during the last week of shopping, when shoppers are crunched for shopping time.

Bottle Drives
BottleA bottle drive is a quick way to generate money. Send a notice out to members in your community, notifying them youth will be coming around on a bottle drive. This gives time for them to prepare bottles in their household they would like to donate. Be sure to keep to the time schedule you have set-up ahead of time.

Concession in Youth Centre
Some youth centres have a concession stand to sell snacks. The items can be brought from this stand to other functions you wish to sell at such as other fundraising initiatives mentioned in this brochure.

“Jail & Bail”
This fundraiser involves partnering with local RCMP. RCMP members are asked to donate some of their time on an assigned day. Youth and the RCMP drive around and ‘arrest’ business people who volunteered and bring the ‘prisoners’ to a local assigned spot for ‘jail’, usually the youth centre or mall. The prisoners then need to post bail (call for donations to reach designated bail) - which raises funds. This is also good for the youth to work in a positive atmosphere with the local RCMP.

Candy Grams
You could sell candy grams (cards with candy gifts) or flowers for Valentine’s Day or candy canes at Christmas. Purchaser's choose who they want the candy gram delivered to and you or your youth group/council delivers it.


Download a PDF of our Fundraising Ideas Guide to print out and share at your school, office, Friendship Centre or other space!
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