Privacy Policy

Data Transmission

This website uses secure SSL encryption to ensure that your data is not inspected “on the wire” by malicious attackers. Do note that, as with all encryption, this precaution does not ensure your data’s safety against national spy agencies or rogue certificate authorities.


Personal Information

Any information you submit as part of your registration will be accessible to the Gathering Our Voices conference coordinator and assistant coordinator(s). This information will be used for the express purposes of conference planning and organization, and to ensure the safety of all delegates, volunteers, and staff. We do not distribute this data externally under any circumstances without your permission. Your provided email address and/or phone numbers may be used to contact you by the Gathering Our Voices conference team.

Third Parties

The BCAAFC conference team may disclose your name, age, gender, medical information, and emergency contact information to health professionals and cooking staff (in the case of food allergies) at the conference. This will be to ensure the readiness of the health and safety teams in the event of a medical emergency.

Internal Stat Tracking

We maintain a private, root-accessible log of all requests and responses coming and going from the website for the security of your data and our infrastructure. This data is periodically purged and may be used to derive anonymous, conference level statistics about usage.

Digital Archives

At the end of the conference all delegate information is moved to a digital archive to help next year’s conference team anticipate the needs of future delegates. This allows the Gathering Our Voices conference coordinator to organize facilities, meals, workshops, and other resources with greater accuracy and efficiency.

BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres

The Gathering Our Voices conference team is hosted by the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, the BCAAFC provides administrative, logistical, and technical support to the GOV conference team. All BCAAFC employees are bound by a strict confidentiality policy regarding the protection and distribution of anonymous and personal data.

This policy may be amended in the future.

Registration for the event is done through Ticketbud. The privacy policy for Ticketbud can be accessed here: